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As an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and creative thinker, my experiences have shaped my journey and fueled my passion for writing. Browse my collection of books for diverse perspectives on different topics. 


Those who have followed my blog for the past couple of years know that writing is more than just a hobby for me; it's a way to connect, inspire, and share the lessons I've learned. With my books, I aim to share insights, experiences, and practical advice in a longer format. Writing is therapeutic for me. Thank you for joining me in my thoughts!

Echoes of The Blast:
A Nuclear Reckoning

Echoes Of Th eBlast Book Cover
Published on Amazon and Apple Books.

In a world teetering on the brink of unprecedented chaos, “Echoes of the Blast” plunges you into an extraordinary journey of survival, hope, and human resilience. Witness the story of Alejandro Mendoza, a successful entrepreneur in Mexico City, as a sudden global crisis upends his world. With a nuclear strike igniting a chain of social turmoil, Alejandro must navigate the uncharted waters of a rapidly changing world. From the heart-wrenching decision to leave his beloved city to the daunting task of forging a new path and fighting for his family’s survival, Alejandro’s journey mirrors the world’s struggle for stability.

Immerse yourself in a story filled with emotional depth and vivid settings. “Echoes of the Blast” is more than just a survival tale. It’s a captivating exploration of the power of human connection, the strength that comes from a community, and the unbreakable spirit of hope. This story is a testament to our resilience, reminding us that light can always guide us toward a new dawn, even in the darkest times.

Dive into “Echoes of the Blast” and embark on a journey that will captivate your heart and mind, inspiring and transforming you. Available Dec 12th on Amazon. Experience a journey of the human spirit!

Little Foodies

Nutritious and Delicious Meals for Children

Little Foodies Paperback Cover.jpg

As a busy dad,
I know how hard it can be to give nutritious meals that your kids enjoy.

After one too many rejected dinners, I set out on a mission to create a list of recipes my picky eaters would devour. What began as a challenge quickly became a project! I dove into developing kid-friendly recipes using simple real-food ingredients and delicious nutrient-packed twists on classics like pancakes and mac and cheese.


After months of testing, I'm excited to share this compilation featuring recipes loved even by my most stubborn eaters!

Inside, you'll find breakfasts, main meals, and more with step-by-step instructions so parents of all cooking levels can whip up satisfying dishes.


Since getting kids involved is half the fun, you'll also find tips sprinkled throughout to turn cooking time into meaningful moments together.

My goal is to help families gather around nourishing, delicious meals.


I want parents to gain confidence in the kitchen while making foods even little foodies beg for. Home cooking means healthier kids, new family traditions, and memories you'll treasure forever.


Aprons on and start cooking!

Alex the Dragon Book Cover
Published on Amazon.

Alex the Dragon: The Quest to Tame Its Fire" is a heartfelt children's story that follows Alex, a young dragon struggling to control his fiery temper. Through adventures with friends and wise counsel from various animals, Alex learns valuable lessons about self-control, patience, and the importance of understanding one's emotions.


This story weaves together themes of personal growth, friendship, and the journey toward self-mastery. It is engaging, with relatable challenges and favorable resolutions, making it an excellent tool for discussing emotional regulation with children. 

Alex the Dragon:
The Quest to Tame
Its Fire

Embark on a Timeless Journey
with 'Our Parent's Lives'

In every family, there lies a treasure trove of stories, wisdom, and experiences passed down through generations. My publication, "Our Parent's Lives: A Journal In Their Own Words," is a heartfelt endeavor to capture these invaluable narratives. This journal is more than just a collection of pages with questions; it's a conduit to our parents' and grandparents' hearts and histories, a legacy waiting to be penned.​Born from a deep understanding of time's fleeting nature, this journal is designed to be a comprehensive guide for interviewing our elders. It's a tool to ensure that the wisdom, stories, and essence of our loved ones are preserved for future generations.


The journal is structured with over 200 thoughtfully crafted questions, encouraging parents to document their life stories from childhood to adulthood through parenthood and beyond. It provides ample space for detailed storytelling and reflections, allowing for a rich exploration of each life stage.​Imagine holding a compilation of videos or writings that encapsulate your family's journey, beliefs, and experiences. "Our Parent's Lives" is not just a personal keepsake; it's a legacy for your children and their children. It's about keeping the voice and essence of your family alive through generations.​I invite you to not just wait for the right moment but to create it.


Purchase "Our Parent's Lives: A Journal In Their Own Words" today and start an unforgettable journey of family, memory, and love. Whether you gift it, use it yourself, or both, the memories you'll capture are irreplaceable. Your family's legacy is just a question away.

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