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As the Founder and President of ALMA Capital, a private equity investment firm, I have focused on technology and renewable energy companies. My strategic approach and a keen eye for potential have been instrumental in the success of multiple businesses.

As the founder of Smarketing Media, a digital media consultancy and publishing firm, I excel creatively when working on various projects. My marketing solutions are based on strategic thinking and my passion for design. I've founded two luxury brands: WineCarer, specializing in wine appliances and accessories, and a fitness equipment brand emphasizing design and craftsmanship. I've pursued several ventures driven by my passion for technology. One such venture involves partnering with a Fintech company that provides digital solutions and benefits to the workforce.


With my latest venture, Aquavitae, I aim to address the water crisis by securing access to groundbreaking technologies. My mission is rooted in the belief that access to clean and safe water is fundamental. AquaVitae represents a company committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to address the global water crisis. Through our innovative solutions, we strive to make a meaningful impact in communities worldwide, ensuring everyone can access the essential water resource.

But there's more to me than business. I'm a passionate patron of the arts, producing films and amassing a collection of modern art, adding another dimension to my professional persona. This creative side of mine complements my business sense, forming a blend of artistry and strategy that defines my approach to life. As an executive producer, my involvement in film and art projects showcases my strong connection to the entertainment arts.


I use writing as a therapeutic process. I'm the author of "Echoes of the Blast: A Nuclear Reckoning" and other books, which you can find in my book section. I'm also the editor of "Beyond Two Cents" on Substack and "Bottomline Talks" on Medium, where I share insights and experiences.

I haven't followed a traditional path in life. I dropped out of college, but my entrepreneurial spirit has always guided me. My story is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and taking risks. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and my diverse cultural background and global business experience have shaped my unique perspective. I enjoy spending time with my sons and exploring new opportunities when I'm not working or writing.

I'm committed to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and fostering a culture of lifelong learning. Join me on this journey, where we can learn, grow, and create together.

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