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As the Founder and President of ALMA Capital, a private equity investment firm, I've honed my focus on high-growth technology and renewable energy companies. My strategic approach and a keen eye for potential have been instrumental in the success of multiple businesses.

But there's more to me than business. I'm a passionate patron of the arts, producing films and amassing a collection of modern art, adding another dimension to my professional persona. This creative side of mine complements my business sense, forming a blend of artistry and strategy that defines my approach to life.

As the founder of Smarketing Media, I thrive creatively when working on innovative projects. My success in marketing solutions stems from strategic thinking and my love for design. My involvement in notable film and art projects as an executive producer, as seen on IMDb, showcases my strong connection to the entertainment and art industries.


I've founded two luxury brands: WineCarer, specializing in wine appliances and accessories, and FitLuxeArtesano, a fitness equipment brand that emphasizes design and craftsmanship.

In addition to these ventures, I'm also the proud co-founder of Kolyf, a pioneering co-living company.

Recently, I've ventured into digital content creation, a new path that aligns with my love for writing. I'm the editor of "Beyond Two Cents" on Substack and "Bottomline Talks" on Medium, where I share insights and experiences.

My journey hasn't been traditional. I'm a college dropout, but my entrepreneurial spirit has been my compass. My story is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and risk-taking.

Fluent in Spanish and English, my diverse cultural background and global business experience have shaped my unique perspective. I love spending time with my sons and exploring new opportunities when I'm not working or writing.

My journey continues as I strive to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and nurture a culture of lifelong learning. Join me on this exciting journey, where we can learn, grow, and create together.

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