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I'm a serial entrepreneur, designer, author, venture capitalist, and executive coach with a history of fostering growth across various sectors. My professional journey began in Mexico, where I launched one of the country's first dot com companies, marking my foray into the digital world.

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my professional DNA

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I've always had a skill for seeing the potential in ideas. This vision has driven my success in various sectors, from luxury brands and finance to education and tourism. It's not just about spotting opportunities; it's about nurturing them into fruition with strategic planning and execution.


My journey has taught me the value of determination, innovation, and risk-taking. I'm committed to sharing these lessons as an executive coach and mentor. I believe in empowering others to reach their full potential, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and growth. After all, success is sweeter when it's shared.


With a keen eye for potential and an understanding of market dynamics, I've been able to make strategic investments that foster growth. As the Founder and President of ALMA Capital, I'm focused on technology and renewable energy companies, contributing to their success and the broader industry's evolution.

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